Magnetic Levitation Floating Shoe Display Stand


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Introducing the Levitating Shoe Display – a unique and innovative way to showcase your shoes. This display uses magnetic levitation technology to float your shoes, giving them an eye-catching and attention-grabbing look. However, please note that not all shoes are compatible with this display. The shoe must weigh less than 550 grams and be less than 32 cm in height for it to float properly.

This Levitating Shoe Display also has the ability to spin, allowing you to fully admire your shoes from every angle. While most shoes are able to spin, there may be some that cannot.

If you’re having trouble getting your shoes to float, it could be due to the weight of the shoe. If the shoe is too light, adding steel balls to it can help increase the weight. If the shoe is too heavy, removing some of the steel balls should do the trick. Shoes that weigh more than 550 grams are not recommended for this display.

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